Behind the scenes: Six favorite memories of Remake your Class

There's always a story behind the story. And for us, filming Remake Your Class with friends at Edutopia was not only a memorable journey of design, learning, and tight-budget building, but also an adventure in film foibles, food, and new friendships. As you can imagine, 14-minutes for one week of filming means that much was unsaid about the process and design, not to mention the colorful camaraderie behind the scenes. I thought I’d share a few of our favorite memories:


  • Culinary tour of The Richmond in SF

    One week of filming meant our crew shared 20+ meals with each other and within a mile radius of Roosevelt Middle School in the culinarily and ethnically diverse Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco. Not only did we eat everything from Burmese to New American to Indian buffets, but we grew in conversation and connection over tables and takeout. Learn more about the Richmond here.

  • Goofing around with the crew

    Here’s to boom mics in back seats. There are few things sillier than packing your new friend and tall sound guy into the trunk for an afternoon supply run. Or trying to coordinate casual drive by shots as you solve a budget fiasco. Or being chased by paint-covered hands of middle school students. Edutopia's film crew was not only talented and professional, but hilarious, easy going, and willing to do anything to get the shot–especially on the road. (High fives film team: Zac, Mario, Tom and producers: Lora and Doug!)

  • Hanging with the cool kids

    Steve's students and the rest of the student body at Roosevelt Middle School were some of the most sweet, insightful, and fun kids to spend the week with. From Christian and David's foray into blacktop soccer, epically viral games of WA (Emi’s favorite team warm up), sharing lunch tables and school snacks, post-it filled workshops–– we couldn't get enough of these 7th and 8th graders. During our reflection at the end of our workshop, one girl spoke up and reflected, "it was one of the bestest days I've had" to a chorus of nodding heads. We melted. Definitely one of our best too.

  • Colorful pants

    In the signature style of Christian Long and David Bill, every day was filled with a different pair of colorful pants. (See Bonobos) On the last day, with no coordination – Christian, David, a student, and I all wore magenta slacks. Now how's that for colorful coincidence? Teamwork!

  • Mustaches mobs

    We came during a fun time in the Mattice classroom–– Movember: a month long mustache growing marathon and men's health awareness campaign. That meant lot of kids with mini mustaches and a great way to see Steve's playful and community-oriented teaching in action.

  • School slumber party

    Well, nearly. We clocked some crazy hours over the week, but nothing was like the final weekend. Our generous principal, Michael, let us stay past midnight and arrive by 7:00 am consistently. There is something that feels rebellious running through school halls at night. You never grow out of it.

Behind the scenes of Remake your Class was a story of design and transformation, but also silliness, problem solving, and friendship. We hope you can catch a glimpse of that spirit in the film clips.

(Our pictures from the Instagram feeds of Christian, Melanie, Lora, and David to give you a peek behind the scenes. Follow our TTT+ instagram feed today!

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