Educating STEM | CA BOCES

We're excited to be kicking off the Educating STEM series at the Southern Tier West BOCES Center in Salamanca NY on December 17.  We'll be introducing educators interested in STEM to the design process, which will provide a framework for "providing a focus on the pedagogical understandings for STEM education that bring context to integrated context."  Our focus will be to explore the expedition of STEM, and how innovation, creativity, curiosity and wonder can be the essential elements that form the foundation of an integrated approach to education.  Joining the session through a videoconference will be Chris Lehmann, Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, who will provide additional context for STEM through an interactive discussion with the participants.  Other speakers in the series include Sylvia Martinez who will be discussing invention and Larry Rosenstock, who will present on inquiry.  Kim Navarroli and Paul Murawski from our Grand Island office complete the series by engaging the participants in a presentation about STEM in New York.

Here are the resources that we'll be using in the first session:

Innovation does not come from the top down, it comes from decentralization and freedom to explore @sepkamvar #MediaLabIO

Inspiring Spaces


"If we are going to encourage creativity and innovation in education, we will need more white water rafting guides…than cruise ship captains." @dculberhouse

Design Thinking Resources

Innovations come from the margins; how will unstoppable force of innovations merge w/immovable force of schools? @raphaela235  #dml2012

Examples of Manifestos

Innovation is a constant pattern of invention, reinvention, then reinvent the reinvention. #Workspring