The Noob

Hi, I’m Emi. I’m new.  New to blogging, new to the workforce, new to The Third Teacher+ team and I’m here to keep it fresh.

There are a number of things that I give a damn about, mainly related to learning to learn, designing educational environments, and visualizing information. I’m interested in how to remain adaptable as a thinker, designer, and most recently, an employee.

Each week I hope to contribute a sketch perspective (literally!) on present challenges, themes, and ideas in design and education.

To start it off, I’m including the first draft icons of our services, which elicited a rich discussion on the metaphors we use to describe our design process.  I hope that in the coming months, you can help us by giving feedback on what themes resonate with you, what needs more clarification, and where you’d like to see us grow!