Regina Dominican High School

Wilmette, Illinois // 2012

Regina Dominican, a girl’s catholic high school established in the 1950s, has established their Vision 2020 that champions a global mindset and entrepreneurial learning. To complement the vision, we considered how the environment could support and further these goals.

Process Components

  • Observation: the design team walked through the facility to understand current use and patterns
  • Interviews: the design team spoke with a group of girls and the strategic consultant to understand Vision 2020
  • Workshop: the design team facilitated a workshop with students, parents, faculty and leadership. Participants reflected on when in their lives they experience the concepts behind Vision 2020 (i.e. collaboration, socializing, spirituality, contemplative, inspired). Keeping in mind these memories and routines, groups reimagined areas in the school.  
  • Scenario presentations: after analyzing the insights gained from discovery and activation, the design team translated concepts into three potential scenarios for the site plan and received feedback from the board and building committee to decide on a final strategy.

How can Regina Dominican’s existing facilities be improved to support its Vision 2020?


Primary Services