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Hacking class, evolving mindsets

What does it mean to hack? What does it mean to embrace a designer mindset in the classroom? In fall 2012, we did a project with Edutopia at Roosevelt Middle School, a public school in San Francisco. In one week, we redesigned a classroom with a shoestring budget, a bevy of talented volunteers and one insightful (and brave!) educator. Yes, the classroom transformed in feel and function to better support learning, but the real transformation was of our educator and community. 

We couldn't be more excited by the project and the dynamic documenting and storytelling by Edutopia. Cllick through the three part series in the column to the right. 

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The Third Teacher+ team at SXSWedu

In March 2013, we held a workshop called "Hack Class: Shape your Ecology, Empower Learning" at SXSWedu with our friends at Edutopia.   We explored the question, "How can we empower teachers to become hackers/designers of their learning experiences and environments?" We unpacked and reclaimed the concept of "hacking" as a tool for prototyping change and held a hands-on workshop to explore these ideas in action. Our presentation highlighted the "hacked classroom" at Roosevelt Middle School and our ongoing work with The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Download handouts from the workshop.

See pictures from the workshop.



Part One: Planning

Part Two: Building

Part Three: Exploring