Walsh University Center for Transformative Learning

North Canton, Ohio // 2012

Walsh University is an independent and coeducational Catholic institution offering a liberal arts and sciences education. Founded by the Brothers of Christian Instruction and based in the Judeo-Christian tradition, Walsh University supports students to become leaders in service through a values-based education with an international perspective.

The Third Teacher + team partnered with Walsh University to define its “Center for Transformative Learning” that would serve as a beacon for this mission. Through ethnography and design workshops, the team developed a vision and design drivers that translates to a spatial design.

We are in the process of working with the community to further design this important hub.

The Vision

The Center for Transformative Learning at Walsh University is a place that encourages learning, reflection and compassion. Through the reflective process, the learning soul emerges. Experimentation in learning and teaching is fueled by a consciousness and commitment to serving people throughout the world.

“The chapel is the university’s heart and soul, its inspiration. On the other end of the campus can stand the academic center, another iconic building: again largely intangible, with profound outcomes for the world.”

How can a university transform a learner, revealing the wealth of the world’s learning opportunities and igniting the academic spirit?

“We cannot forget the value of learning through relationships, networks and interactions, especially with those who have different perspectives than ourselves.” 


Primary Services