Student Salon

Last week we hosted a salon with students from Brown and RISD and friends from Stanford's d.School and Design for America in Providence, Rhode Island.

We were blown away by the deep level of insight and it was inspiring to hear everyone share their passions openly.We want help to share those sentiments with the rest of the world, and we need examples of what we see is possible when wonder is a part of learning.

We are turning to current students as 'wonderstruck' experts with the utmost respect. We want to gain from your wisdom and input over the coming days, weeks and months with regards to how we can share the sense of possibility, hope and potential for the future of learning. We're hoping to create a short video that can spread this message far and wide and we hope you will share with us any thoughts, ideas or concept that come to mind. 

Help us edit/refine/remix a call to diverse and curious learners all over the world! Take a peek at what our TTT+ Fellow, Gilad Meron and I mashed up in a few hours- some of our favorite inspirational clips and the project's driving questions:

Password: wonderbydesign